Wednesday, 17 January 2018 | 15:42 WIB

These Apps Help Track Down Your Stolen Laptop

These Apps Help Track Down Your Stolen Laptop (illustration: algonquincollege)

JAKARTA, NNC - In the current sophisticated era, important data must be stored neatly in laptops. This is especially important for people who are always mobile and using laptops.

So, what happens if the precious laptop gets stolen by an irresponsible individuals?

Do not worry, because has little reviews about how to track down lost laptops. Curious? Well, you can try to do a tracking laptop lost with a series of this application. Good luck.

The first application you can try is Prey. By installing Prey on your laptop, you can find out where your laptop is stolen from its website.

Not only does prey report your stolen laptop’s location, it also lets you use a laptop webcam as a medium to take a photo of the perpetrator. Even so, unfortunately, the free version of Prey can only be used for 3 devices only.

The next application you can use is LockItTight. Similar to Prey, LockItTight also serves to track location and record laptop thief activity using webcam. You can also take a screenshot of your stolen laptop display with this application.

Then there is the Find My Mac app. Well, as the name implies, this application is specific to MacBook users. With iCloud, you can not only track the stolen MacBook, but also lock it. 

And the last application you can try is LoJack for Laptop. If indeed on your laptop many important documents, LoJack is a laptop tracking service that you can consider.

The LoJack system will be locked in the BIOS once installed. The system will keep all important files and documents on your laptop safely, if the thief wants to delete all your data. Good luck. But it would be better to take good care of your precious laptop.