Friday, 22 June 2018 | 02:31 WIB

2018 Muslim Fashion Festival Launched, Here’s the Sneak Peek

Muslim Fashion Festival.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Muslim Fashion Festival (Muffest) will again present exhibition area next year that strengthens the concept of retail or B2C (business to customer) which leads to B2B (business to business) for retail consumers and buyers.

A series of fashion show will also be held in supporting the exhibition, featuring the diversity of designer works and Muslim fashion brands in Indonesia, ranging from the conventional style, contemporary, to the appropriate syar'i Indonesia trend forecasting (Muslim fashion trend) 2018/2019.

National Chairman of Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC), Ali Charisma explained that in the event, there will also be inspirational and interactive activities, such as seminars, workshops, talk shows, female model auditions of 2018 Next Face Muffest, and modest fashion design competition, 2018 Modest Young Designer Competition (MYDC).

"For the first time, Muffest will hold modest beauty make up competition as an appreciation of the profession of make up artist (including hijab / veil styling) that plays an important role in the development of fashion modest.

Director of Dyandra Promosindo, Addy Damarwulan, added that his team is working to make 2018 Muffest  as a whole better, including the exhibitors’ products be more varied involving fashion and accessories such as fashion shoes, bags, and jewelry.

"The number of exhibitors and fashion show slots has increased, but the process of curation is more stringent so that quality can be improved," said Addy, Tuesday (10/10/2017), in a press release.

Muffest is intended as a space to bring together the Muslim fashion industry players in Indonesia and internationally, as well as to synergize the various parties that contribute to the development of Muslim fashion of Indonesia. 

The lauching of 2018 Muffest was held to echo the agenda of the international Muslim fashion event and invite various parties and stakeholders to work together in 2018 Muffest.

In addition to the presentation of 2018 Muffest’s vision, mission and program, the lauching features a mini talkshow with speakers representing government agencies and associations that have committed to support the 2018 Muffest, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Creative Economy Agency, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Trade, and National Crafts Council.