Sunday, 23 September 2018 | 17:53 WIB

MD Pictures Aim to Expand to Hollywood through Devil’s Whisper

Devil's Whisper (youtube)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Manoj Punjabi's success in producing widescreen movies should be given a thumbs up. This month, MD Pictures has presents a Hollywood-level movie titled Devil's Whisper.

"The plan from 5 years ago can finally be realized through Devil's Whisper. This is a potential business model to be developed in the future, "said Manoj, who is CEO of MD Corps, in a written statement on Thursday (10/12/2017).

In this film, Manoj collaborated with many Hollywood actors and directors of quality. "Through this film, I bring a promising vision and mission, which is a bridge and open opportunities for Indonesian filmmakers to be able to work at international stage in the future," he added.

Manoj wants people in the future to be able to enjoy the work of Hollywood-level movies involving Indonesian actors and actresses, directors and other supporting crew.

Devil's Whisper, whose work was completed last year, starred a number of Hollywood actors like Luca Oriel (Shameless), Tessie Santiago (Scandal) & Marcos Farraez (Pacific Blue). Indonesian actress, Luna Maya also enliven the film that lasted 85 minutes.

Adam Ripp is trusted as a director in this film. He is an award-winning filmmaker who has produced a variety of famous movies such as Gambit (starring Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz & Alan Rickman), Everly (starring Salma Hayek) and more. No wonder if Devil's Whisper is a work of quality horror.

The story begins with Alex (15 years) who wants to become a priest. One day, he found a small wooden box from his grandmother's wardrobe. This is the beginning of disaster for him.

One by one terrible incidents occurred. The ancient devils he unintentionally liberated also hurt the people he loved. Will Alex manage to find a way out and stop the evil terror?

The orror movie genre is targeted to give the feel of tense and mysterious to the entire audience in Indonesia. In addition, the plot and the stars involved can create a complex horror experience to welcome Halloween. Horror movie fans can watch this movie simultaneously in Indonesian cinema starting October 19, 2017.