Friday, 14 December 2018 | 22:30 WIB

Parents Must be Aware of Children’s Environment to Anticipate Sexual Violence on Children

Parents Must be Aware of Children’s Environment to Anticipate Sexual Violence on Children

AMBON, NNC - Activist Lies Marantika has advises parents to monitor the environment and the adults around their children in order to anticipate the possibility of sexual violence againts children.

"Indeed its potential is something we can not predict, but there are situations that can lead to the possibility of sexual violence in our children," she said in Ambon some time ago.

Lies Marantika is Director of Gasira, a study and advocacy institute for women empowerment that has long worked on cases of violence against women and children in Maluku.

She is also a former commissioner of National Commission on Women’s Rights (Komnas Perempuan) in 1998-2006, which at that time had more work focused in eastern Indonesia.

According to Lies, parents should be aware that sexual crimes against children can also happen anywhere, be it at school, where children hang out and play, and even at home.

Therefore, parents are encouraged to mark the pattern of a child’s closeness with the adults around them, because the perpetrators of sexual crimes cases are usually adults who have close relations with the child.

"Some of them can be marked, for example, the closeness of children to adults around them, often using the strategy of giving money, buying candy or giving something that attracts children," he said.

Anticipating the occurrence of sexual violence in children, said Lies, parents should also provide an understanding of it to their children.

Speaking openly with the child will make them more free to tell the situation around them, and who is around them.

"All of this requires the important role of parents to monitor the environment of children because of areas and places that make children vulnerable.We must understand the behavior of children, many cases of sexual violence is known after the child, especially pre-school to elementary school victims,  complains of pain," Lies said.

Based on her experience as a member of Komnas Perempuan, and monitoring cases of female violence in Poso, Central Sulawesi, children who have experienced sexual violence tend to experience perspectives on sex.

Lies said the psychiatric condition of child victims of sexual violenceare much more difficult to cure than other types of violence that occur in children.

"We once consulted with a gynecologist about it, those who had had sexual experiences when young had a deviant perspective on sex, no ethical value," she added.