Friday, 22 June 2018 | 10:12 WIB

Philippines Authorities Apprehend 25 South Korean Citizens

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MANILA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Philippines authorities say 25 South Koreans have been arrested in metropolitan Manila on suspicion of Internet fraud or illegal online gambling.

Immigration Bureau Commissioner Jaime Morente said 12 of them wanted to return home for allegedly fooling their colleagues into investing their money in a fake real estate project in the Philippines.

"Their embassy has confirmed that the twelve of them are subject to arrest warrants issued by various South Korea courts where they are subjected to large-scale fraud charges," Morente said.

Their arrest on Wednesday in a luxury condominium following fears the bureau on Monday (15/05/2017) of four other South Koreans for alleged fraud and phishing votes, cheated hundreds of colleagues who lost money after disclosing personal information to callers who impersonate a legitimate corporate identity.

The National Bureau of Investigation also told the media on Friday (5/19/2017) five South Koreans were arrested for running a website for illegal online sports gambling and casino gambling in an upscale subdivision.

The five men were arrested on Tuesday (16/05/2017), a day after BIN also arrested four South Korean women for allegedly operating an illegal online casino inside the mall.