Wednesday, 24 October 2018 | 05:54 WIB

Accident Patient Gets Ear for Transplant Grown on His Arm

A doctor in China has managed to grow a new ear (dailymail)

XI'AN, NNC - A doctor in China has managed to grow a new ear on the arm of a man who experienced serious traffic accident. The ear will be transplanted on the man’s head.

The doctor is Dr. Guo Shuzhong, as plastic surgeon who performed complex operations according to the procedure for seven hours in a week. He announced the successful blood flow to the new right ear  of patient Ji, who has spent monthls to grow the ear on his arm.

Dr. Guo, who works at the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University in Xi'an city, was assigned to the case in 2016. According to reports, Ji whose age and full name is not known, suffered serious injuries on the right side his face in a traffic accident in 2015.

In addition to the injury, he received several surgical operations to recover the skin of the face and cheeks. However, he was frustrated to lose his right ear forever.

"I lost one ear. I always feel that I am incomplete. However, my ear damage was so severe that the doctor was not able to regenerate the ear on the scar, "Ji said as quoted from Daily Mail.

Dr. Guo decided to create an artificial ear in arm Ji with the procedures carried out in November last year.

The realistic ear, which is modeled with the help of 3D-printing technology, was made with rib cartilage from the patient. It was then attached to the arm under an expanded piece of leather. Then left to grow for several months until the experts consider it ready for transplant.

Ji will remain in hospital under observation for about two weeks until his new ears fully functioning.

According to Dr. Guo, he and his team always repeat the procedure another miracle for around 500 children every year. Dr. Guo is a renowned plastic surgeon who performed the operation of China's first face transplant in 2006. (*)