Friday, 19 April 2019 | 10:03 WIB

Storm Kills 17 in Italy

Storm Kills 17 in Italy (illustration: daily)

MILAN, NNC - Heavy rain accompanied by strong winds has hit several regions in Italy. In addition to killing at least 17 people, this natural disaster also caused a lot of damage, as well as uprooting 14 million trees.

"A German tourist on Friday was killed by lightning on the island of Sardinia while another person who was also struck by lightning a few days ago, died in hospital," the Italian Community Protection Agency said on Saturday (11/03).

So far, the Agency has received reports of 17 deaths due to the storm.

"Many of them died because of being hit by fallen trees," he said.

A spokesman for the Italian agricultural company association Coldiretti said in a statement that strong winds had toppled around 14 million trees, mostly in the northern region.

The area from the northeast to Sicily in the southwest has been hit by a storm. The worst damage was experienced by Trentino districts in the north and Veneto, districts around Venice. In the area, villages and roads were buried and cut off due to landslides.

In the Alps near Belluno, about 100 kilometers north of Venice, pine trees were uprooted like a bunch of matchsticks.

The surface of the Comelico Superiore Dam, which is in the north near the border with Austria, is covered with fallen pine trees and falls into the Piave River.

"We need at least a century to get back to normal," Coldiretti said.

In Venice, many fields and walking places were submerged in high-sized floods, the highest that the canal city has experienced in the past decade.

Governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia, said the storm in the region caused losses worth at least 1 billion euros.