Friday, 14 December 2018 | 22:06 WIB

Trump Considers Dina Powell as US Ambassador to the UN

US President Donald Trump

JAKARTA, NNC - US President Donald Trump said he is considering to name Dina Powell, a Goldman Sachs official who is also a former White House advisor, as the next US Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) replacing Nikki Haley.

With that statement, Trump put out speculation that he might appoint his daughter, Ivanka, to fill the postion.

Trump talked to reporters in the White House, before he left for an event in Iowa, several hours after he announced that US Ambassador to the UN Nikky Haley will resign this year.

Trump said Haley would help him determine who would be the next UN ambassador.

Powell, in the first year of Trump's administration served as Deputy National Security Advisor for strategy making. He is a key player in diplomatic efforts in the Middle East.

Powell earlier this year returned to Goldman Sachs, the company he served for more than a decade.

He is also a high-ranking official in the State Department under the administration of the previous Republican president, George W. Bush, according to Harvard Kennedy School records.

Predictions that Ivanka Trump will assume the position of UN ambassador strengthened after Haley praised Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, during talks on her resignation at the Oval Office on Tuesday morning.

However, Trump told reporters at the White House before boarding Marine One, that although he thought Ivanka could play a great role with the position, he would face accusations of nepotism for choosing his daughter, according to Antara News.