Sunday, 18 November 2018 | 06:46 WIB

Floods, Landslides Kill 12 People in Central America

Heavy rains cause floods and landslides in a number of countries in Central America.

TEGUCIGALPA, NNC - Heavy rains that have swept a number of countries in Central America have caused floods and landslides and killed 12 people in the last few days.

Rescue and emergency officials across the region said on Sunday (10/7/2018) that heavy rains, which began on Thursday, swept the country from Guatemala to Costa Rica, triggering landslides in Honduras, which killed two children and their mothers when they were sleep.

The rain destroyed homes and crops and forced thousands of people to flee their homes to temporary shelters.

"Six people were killed in Honduras and 7,000 left their homes," local authorities said. In Nicaragua, the government said 23,000 people were affected and a fisherman was killed after his ship overturned. Two other people drowned in the river.

The head of the El Salvador citizen protection agency said two people were killed, one due to a tree falling onto a car, and another 10 injured by a collapsed wall.

While in another area, one person was killed in Costa Rica and one child is missing in Guatemala.