Monday, 18 February 2019 | 20:54 WIB

US Urges North Korea to Follow Footsteps of Vietnam

US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo shakes hand with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un

Jakarta, NNC - US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo has urged North Korea on Sunday to follow the example of Vietnam, and says President Donald Trump is certain that Pyongyang could follow the footsteps of Hanoi in restoring the relationships with Washington as well as becoming a prosperous country.

Pompeo says inorder to make that happen, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un must should that opportunity now.

In front of several major Vietnamese entrepreneurs in the city of Hanoi, Pompeo expects the US can build strong relationship with North Korea, just like Vietnam, that was once a mortal enemy of Washington.

The matter was conveyed just two days after cold negotiations with Pyongyang was done to convince Kim to halt their weapon development.

After the negotiation, North Korea accused Pompeo of applying thuggish diplomacy.