Friday, 14 December 2018 | 18:23 WIB

Thick Snow Cuts Traffic in Algeria


ALGERIA, NNC - Several village and provincial roads in Algeria were cut off due to heavy snowfall in the North African country over the weekend.

Images broadcasted on social media showed dozens of families passed Sunday nights in their cars, after they were caught in heavy snow on national road No.1 in Medea province in the hilly area.

National road No.1 is the most important road in Algeria, because it connects the northern part of the country to its southern region, and is used by hundreds of thousands of cars every day.

"Youths from various societal societies are rushing to help trapped people, by distributing warm food for them," said Xinhua, as monitored by Antara in Jakarta, Monday (2/12/2018).

Combined military and firefighting troops were deployed, using equipment to clear snow and free hundreds of cars trapped for hours in several areas.

They also provide food and other assistance to the most isolated villages.

Weather forecasters are calling on residents to stay warm because temperatures are expected to drop below zero degrees Celsius in some areas.