Wednesday, 20 June 2018 | 05:06 WIB

Hundreds of Japan Train Passengers Trapped Long Night by Snow

Illustration: Heavy snow rail.

TOKYO, NNC – Hundreds of passengers trapped and spent night on a crowded train from Thursday (1/11/2018) to Friday (1/12/2018) due to heavy snow rail at a railroadof crossing in northern Japan.

The Shinetsu Line in Niigata prefecture came to a halt just before 7 PM (10:00 GMT) with about 430 people on board, many with no seats, before resuming 15 hours later.

“The train had heating and a washroom but five passengers reported falling ill and were taken to hospital,” said a spokesman at East Japan Railway, which operates the line.

Passengers were advised not to get off and walk to the station, about a kilometer away, for safety reasons, he said.

Heavy snowfall - more than 10 times the average in some areas - has snarled transportation across northern and western Japan.

The train was stuck in Sanjo city, about 300 km northwest of Tokyo. Sanjo was expecting as much as 20 cm of snow in a six-hour period on Friday.