Sunday, 27 May 2018 | 20:20 WIB

Man Suffers Lesion from Cleaning Acne

Be careful when cleaning acne on the lips (clear)

CHICAGO, NNC - A construction worker suffered a terrible fungal infection after cleaning acne on his lower lip using his wooden craftsman's knife.

Resembling a third lip, an unsightly mass has grown for almost seven months before the unnamed man went to see a doctor.

The 23-year-old man, believed to be from Chicago, later recovered from a blood lesion two weeks after treatment.

A dermatologist wrote about this unusual case. An expert said this was caused by the conidia fungus Blastomyces, as stated in the Journal of Emergency Medicine.

These infections are commonly found in soil and animal habitats in areas close to the Great Lakes, the Ohio River Valley and the Mississippi River.

Only 50 cases of blastomycosis was caused by traumatic inoculation, as in this case have been noted in the medical literature. However, this was believed to be the first case what was caused by a wooden craftsman's knife, according to the dermatologist.

Dr Cameron Rokhsar warned that squeezing acne can damage the skin, causing infections and permanent scar tissue that is difficult to treat, as quoted from Daily Mail.

Dr Rokhsar described the spots experienced by the man was caused by three factors, namely the excess oil production, the irregular shedding of dead skin, and bacterial buildup.