Friday, 14 December 2018 | 16:51 WIB

Young Mother Dies a Day after being Diagnosed with Flu

Illustration (smallstarterafrica)

JAKARTA, NNC - Alani Murrieta (20) mother of two children aged two years and six months, died a day after she was diagnosed with flu. Alani, from Phoenix, United States, was initially complaining she was not feeling well.

She took a leave of absence from her work and with her sister, Alani was taken to the hospital. Arriving at the hospital, she was diagnosed with flu and was given a cold medicine. Thinking it was just a flu, Alani was not hospitalized.

"On Monday she was still sick, so her sister took her to the hospital and they diagnosed her with the flu and sent her home with a cold medicine," said Stephanie Gonzales, Alani’s aunt, quoted from the Daily News on Tuesday (12/5/2017).

According to Stephanie, her niece was almost never sick. Aafter coming home from the hospital, Alani's condition worsened overnight and her mother took her to the hospital again on Tuesday at 7:30 am local time because she was having trouble breathing.

"Her oxygen levels were low, they took x-rays at around 9:00 that morning and they told her that she was suffering from pneumonia and her condition soon deteriorate after that," Stephanie said.

Alani was put into a ventilator, but her heart stopped beating. Doctors tred to resuscitate her, but failed. Alani died at 15:25 that day.

According to Stephanie, doctors told the family that Alani’s flu had turned into pneumonia. Previously, Murrieta had no history of pneumonia.

"Never in a million years we thought we would lose her like this," Stephanie said.

A GoFundMe page has been prepared by the family to help pay for Alani’s funeral expenses.