Sunday, 27 May 2018 | 20:35 WIB

Diabetes Affects Mental Health

Diabetes checkup needs to be done regularly.

JAKARTA, NNC - Diabetes not only affects people physically, but also affects their mental health. New research suggests diabetics need better mental health support.

A survey conducted by Diabetes UK, showed that three out of five diabetics suffer from emotional and mental health, which is directly related to their illness.

About 64 percent of the 8,500 people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds who were surveyed said they often or sometimes feel inferior because of the diabetes they suffer. In addition, 33 percent said that diabetes prevented them or family members from doing the things they wanted to do, while only 30 percent said they really felt in control of their diabetes.

The study also shows that 19 percent of participants have used the support or counseling of a trained professional to help them, while 32 percent rely on self-help materials including books, videos and resources found online.

Chris Askew, Chief Executive of Diabetes UK, believes that this new study shows the support that can be given to people with diabetes.

"We want to see a system where specialists support is available to those who need it, but to achieve this we need to see a sustainable funding of GBP44 million (or equivalent to IDR787 billion) for the diabetes transformation program to improve care for diabetic patients," he said, as quoted from The Hindustan Times page.

"This new study unveils the isolation that can come from regulating unseen conditions, and how destructive it is to live with diabetes for the emotional health of sufferers without proper support," Chris said.