Friday, 16 November 2018 | 02:53 WIB

Snake Venom Expert Warns of Tying or Wrapping Snake Bite Wounds

Snake Venom Expert Warns of Tying or Wrapping Snake Bite Wounds (healthxchange)

JAKARTA, NNC - Have you ever experience a snake bite or or seen a snake bite victim that tie the area around the bite marks strongly? Some say it is a way to prevent snake venom from spreading to other organs through the bloodstream.

Well, this statement has been explicitly denied by toxology and snake venom expert Dr dr Tri Maharani M Si SP EM. According to Tri, snake venom spreads through the body through lymph nodes if the blood vessels are tied or wrapped too strong.

"People should know the first handling of snake bites, so it is not controlled by myths, one of them, 'it can not spread if it is tied', it is a myth," Tri said recently when contacted by NNC.

Tri said, tying or wrapping the area near the snake bite mark will actually disturb the blood vessels. This situation will block the flow of blood, can may cause snake venom to move to the lymph nodes.

Therefore, Tri appealed that people who experience snake bite cases do not bind , suck, tear and even amputate bite wounds.

"So do not need to be tied up, but stay in the position as if you are having a broken bone. Don’t tie the snake bite wound,” Tri added.

Actually, she continued, snakes venoms contain anti venom that can help victims of bites. While the bites are still local, assessed do not need antivenom.

"The knowledge is not known to the Indonesian people, as most people still believe in myths and community knowledge,” she added.