Wednesday, 18 July 2018 | 04:16 WIB

Uruguay Company Set to Produce Medical Cannabis for Export Market

Uruguay-based cannabis cultivation company is going to produce medical cannabis.

MONTEVIDEO, NETRALNEWS.COM - International Cannabis Corporation (ICC), a cannabis/marijuana cultivation company in Uruguay, is going to produce the first medical marijuana in Uruguay for export in December, according to the company's chief executive on Sunday (10/15/2017).

The Montevideo-based company is planning to ship cannabis oil to Canada and Mexico, but is also open to selling it in the domestic market, Alejandro Antalich added.

"The goal is to export it, but if the Minister of Health thinks it can be commercialized in the local market, we will do that," Antalich said.

The export of marijuana oil will mark the first and the newest for Uruguay, a small country in South America that first legalizes cannabis from cultivation to distribution in 2013.

Under Uruguayan law, medical marijuana can be exported, but "cannabis for recreation" can only be sold domestically.

According to Antalich, next month the ICC will begin construction of a marijuana laboratory in a new industrial estate on the outskirts of Montevideo.