Saturday, 21 July 2018 | 01:37 WIB

Have You Been Showering The Wrong Way?


JAKARTA, NNC - The idea that showering can remove skin moisture or make your skin dry is not completely wrong. Using the wrong soap, rubbing your skin too much, or simply taking long hot showers can peel away too much of your skin’s layer of lipids (layer that binds skin cells to keep it moist).

According to dr. Tjut Nurul Alam Jacoeb, SpKK, a dermatologist, excessive showering rituals like these can also cause the loss of skin barrier.

Skin barrier itself plays an important role in maintaining our skin moisture, keeping it smooth and soft. Over time, if we keep losing this barrier layer, our skin will look dry and rough.

To have healthy skin, dermatologist encourage us to always apply moisturizer after showering. In addition to maintaining skin moisture, moisturizer also protects skin elasticity, and prevent scaly, dull skin.