Friday, 22 June 2018 | 10:17 WIB

Granddaughter of Bung Karno to Accompany Dedi Mulyadi in West Java Election

West Java Golkar Party DPD Chairman Dedi Mulyadi and Puti Guntur Soekarno Putri in the event of Ngarak Beras Perelek parade.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The granddaughter of Proclaimer Bung Karno (President Soekarno), Puti Guntur Soekarno, is put in the market for candidates of deputy governor at the upcoming 2018 West Java Governor Election. Puti will accompany Dedi Mulyadi in the election. Golkar Party Secretary General Idrus Marham claimed to have got 'leaked' from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) team.

"I got the information, there is a representative from PDI-P and of course we from Golkar Party DPP [Central Executive Board] will follow the agreement. The result will be submitted to the respective DPP," said Idrus as quoted from Pasundan Ekspress, Saturday (8/12/2017).

He explained until now Golkar Party DPP is still waiting for reports from the Chairman of West Java Golkar Party DPD (Regional Executive Board) Dedi Mulyadi. Meanwhile, PDI-P DPP is also awaiting reports from the Chairman of PDI-P DPP of West Java TB Hasanudin.

The Member of Commission X of House of Representatives from the PDI-P Faction Puti Guntur Soekarno said she is ready to partner with Dedi Mulyadi. The practice of Pancasila which was massively echoed in Purwakarta, becomes the reason for the granddaughter of the Proclamator of Indonesia, Soekarno, to be paired with the Regent of Purwakarta.

"I see directly Purwakarta has upheld the value of Pancasila, culture and nationality. The culture of mutual cooperation is already formed, this is the platform that we expect to be applied in West Java," said Puti to reporters.

Nevertheless she will continue to do well in establishing internal and external party consolidations. (*)