Wednesday, 18 July 2018 | 03:55 WIB

UGM Students Create Mobile Ironing Device Shaped Like Gloves

UGM Students Create Mobile Ironing Device Shaped Like Gloves

YOGYAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - A group of students from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), through the 2017 Student Creativity Program, has created the Iron Glove. The Iron Glove is the latest innovation in ironing to turn ironing into something more practical and economical.

Iron Glove is an ironing device in the form of gloves. This technology uses Nomex material that is resistant to heat and voltage. According to Rabih Katon Dwicahyo, the group’s leader, this material is the main composition on fire fighting uniforms. The Iron Glove uses coil (heating element) as the conversion of electricity into heat.

The group of students who created it consisted of Rabih (Mechanical Engineering), Muhammad Aulia Ramadhan (Electrical Engineering), Muhammad Hanif Ibrahim (Electrical Engineering), Sumardi Sembiring (Industrial Engineering), and Yendri Maryesi (Civil Engineering). In the development of Iron Glove, the team was guided by Dr. Eng Igi Ardiyanto S T M Eng.

This technology is perfect for housewives aged 20-40 years who want to be more efficient in household electricity usage, and workers who have tight schedules, because Iron Glove is the world's first mobile ironing technology that is easy to carry anywhere without the need to be confused in Luggage placement.

"Iron Glove has one port for a 12 Volt Li-Poly battery as its primary power source. Microcontroller using Arduino Uno and LCD Touchscreen as the temperature setting, "said Rabih, as quoted from UGM’s website, Saturday (22/7/2017).

In addition, in order for heat to be evenly distributed well, Iron Glove uses aluminum plates as a cross section of heating elements in direct contact with the object to be ironed. The cross section is located on the side of the palm of the hand so that the hand does not work to hold the iron but the hands directly in contact with the clothes.

"This function can reduce the movements that are less effective so that when ironing hands can directly tidy the clothes simultaneously, hopefully this Iron Glove technology can provide wide benefits for the benefit of society both at regional and national levels later. Not close the possibility of Iron Glove can also be beneficial to the global community, "said Rabih.