Wednesday, 20 June 2018 | 05:01 WIB

Phone Conversation Leads to Arrest of Two Suspected Terrorists

Phone Conversation Leads to Arrest of Two Suspected Terrorists (ist)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – National Police (Polri) Special Anti-terror Detachment Squad 88 (Densus 88) has arrested two suspected terrorists of Abu Jandal’s network. This arrest began with the discovery of terrorist prisoner phone conversation at Malang Penitentiary.

Police Commissioner Frans Barung Mangera, Head of Public Relations Division at East Java Police, said the disclosure of Abu Jandal network is due to communication via mobile phone from one of the terrorist prisoners in prisons Malang.

"This is the beginning of Febri's communication to her sister, using the phone in prison, telling her to deliver a message to ikhwan (brotherly call in this network) in Mondoroko (the area of Malang Regency).The mobile phone conversation will be handled by Polri," Frans said on Monday (6/19).

The two suspected terrorists arrested by Densus 88 include Sahrul Munif, who was arrested on Monday morning in Malang. Sahrul is confided at the Brimob Detachment headquarters in Malang.

Then, this afternoon, Densus 88 arrested suspected terrorist Agus Trimulyono alias Pak Gun, at Tanah Merah, Kenjeran District, Surabaya.

Agus and Sahrul had attended military training in Syria, and were part of the network of Abu Jandal.

Barung added that Agus Trimulyono once held a declaration of ISIS network of Tedri Rachman, who is also part of Abu Jandal’s network in Mega Mendung Malang.