Wednesday, 20 June 2018 | 05:02 WIB

BPOM: Imported Instant Noodles Should Include Warning if Containing Pork

BPOM: Imported Instant Noodles Should Include Warning if Containing Pork (bpom)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Penny Lukito, Head of Indonesia’s Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), says the South Korea-produced instant noodles containing pork substances—which have recently been pulled out from Indonesia’s markets, should have been given special label and placed on different shelves at shops and stores.

"There is a BPOM guideline on the products we supervise," she said in Jakarta on Monday (6/19). "If there is a good retail way, there is a provision, the placement should be separate."

According to Penny, retail companies should place pork-containing products separately from other products, and be given special labels. Thus, people can distinguish products that contain pork or not. The reason, there are some people who consume products containing pork and some are not.

She said that the Samyang variation of U-Dong Instant Noodles, Nongshim (Instant Noodle Shim Ramyun Black), Samyang (Kimchi Instant Noodle) and Ottogi (Instant Yeul Ramen Noodle) should be given special labels. But in practice, it does not happen because the product importer when registering to BPOM did not report on the pork content in the products.

"When they register in accordance with the provisions, the product ingredients, if it contains pork must be translated into Indonesian language in the packaging ,and must be given a label with a picture of a pig.," said Penny who referred to the Regulation of Head of BPOM Number 12 of 2016.

Supposedly, Penny said the Korean noodles listed above should contain a label saying that it contains pork. After BPOM checked the field, the noodles contained pork.

BPOM, he said, is not in the realm of determining a product that is halal or haram but its authority is to separate the products containing or sterile from pigs. Determination of haram or not a product is the domain of Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI).