Friday, 28 July 2017 | 17:39 WIB

Papua Appreciates Presidential Efforts

Michael Manufandu from Papua (Kabar Papua)

TIMIKA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Michael Manufandu from Papua appreciated the efforts of President Joko Widodo is opening the isolation of Papua remote and inner areas through infrastructure constructions. Manufandu said from Papua on Friday (19/5/2017) that the constructions include road, airport and supporting policies.

He said that the attention should be appreciated by all people, and it is time for local governments in Papua to work with central government to improve the area.

Manufandu, who is a former ambassador for Columbia, said that from seven presidents of Indonesia, President Widodo visited Papua the most. He added that beside roads, the following airports are also being constructed in hinterlands, including in Wamena, Dekai Yahukimo, Ilaga, Kenyam, Asmat, Timika, Wagete and Nabire. (*)