Monday, 21 Augst 2017 | 13:37 WIB

Integrated e-Government System Implemented by Indonesia

Civil servants help a resident at the Sragen District's Integrated Poverty Reduction Services Unit (Asian Development Bank)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The government will implement an integrated and centralized e-government system soon in 2017 to improve budget efficiency, bureaucracy performance and public services, the Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister Asman Abnur stated.

Currently, the e-government systems implemented in ministries, institutions, and local governments is run separately, as the public has demanded quicker and more effective services, Abnur said, Tuesday.

However, he noted that the lack of integration in implementing e-government systems had resulted in wasteful expenditure for the government. Abnur estimated that 65 percent of the government's application program could be shared and used collectively.

"Some 65 percent of the programs could be shared, thus we could reduce spending," he remarked. In addition, an integrated government application program is expected to improve data security, Abnur revealed.