Tuesday, 23 April 2019 | 08:54 WIB

Murder of Karaoke Girl: This is How Victim Met with Perpetrators

Illustration: Handcuffed hands

JAKARTA, NNC - South Jakarta Metro Police Chief Senior Commissioner of Police Indra Jafar revealed two perpetrators of murder of Ciktuti Iin Puspita (22) namely Yustian (24) and Nissa Regina (17) stayed in the same room as the victim in a boarding house on Jalan Mampang VIII, South Jakarta, already for a week long.

At first the perpetrator Yustian knew the victim Ciktuti Iin Puspita through Facebook, and eventually they became close friends and worked at the same karaoke place.

"At first YAP (Yustian) had already met with victim, he confessed [it was] via Facebook," Indra said in Jakarta on Saturday (11/24/2018).

According to Indra, Nissa was jealous of Yustian's closeness with the victim. However, the victim was finally introduced to another perpetrator Nissa who was known to be Yustian's girlfriend.

"His girlfriend was actually jealous too, but finally [he] introduced [her] they live there together," he said.

Previously reported, the body of the victim was found in a closet in a Boarding House 21 on Jalan Mampang Prapatan VIII, South Jakarta on Tuesday (11/20) afternoon.