Tuesday, 23 April 2019 | 09:36 WIB

Anticipating Flood, Gov Anies Claims Vertical Drainage System Functions Properly

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan

JAKARTA, NNC - Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan claims the vertical drainage system is functioning properly. This was said after Jakarta was rained on Thursday (11/22/2018) afternoon.

"Thanks God, yesterday it was raining heavily. So it [drainage system] could be tested, because if we want to test it [we have to] wait for the water," Anies said at Jakarta City Hall on Friday (11/23).

Previously, vertical drainage was built by the Jakarta Provincial Government at several points as a flood prevention measure.

Anies further said he had conducted a vertical drainage test at one of the points that had been installed. In the experiment, Anies claimed to have gotten quite good results.

"We have a place where we carried out tests. [Starting] before there is vertical drainage, then [when] it has been built, and the rain was quite heavy. The record is there on the afternoon we received the full data, later when it is tidied up, we'll show [that]. So far the results have been positive," he said.

Anies has prepared vertical drainage as one of the flood prevention efforts in Jakarta. However, Anies was still reluctant to disclose where the vertical drainage location has been installed.

"Later when finished, I will inform, [but at this time] it is processing. The end of November we will know the magnitude. Because to be able to measure there must be sufficient rain volume too," explained he some time ago.