Friday, 19 April 2019 | 09:34 WIB

12 Kg LPG Canister Explodes, Leaving Four People Suffered Burns

Gas explosion in Harapan Baru 2 Housing, Bekasi City

BEKASI, NNC - A massive explosion occurred at Harapan Baru 2 Housing in Bekasi City, West Java, Thursday (11/08/2018). Four people collapsed, suffered severe injuries and were rushed to Ananda Hospital, West Bekasi.

Investigation showed the explosion turned out to come from a 12 kilogram LPG canister. The gas cylinder explosion damaged a number of houses on Jalan Gurame 2 Blok E2 No. 14, West Bekasi, at 4 am.

Head of Sub-Section of Public Relations of Bekasi City Metro Police, Police Commissioner Erna Ruswing Andari in Bekasi confirmed the incident, saying the four explosion victims suffered burns in several parts of their body.

The four victims were Farel Situmorang (59), David Situmorang (28), Eisen Rosafel Panjaitan (38), and Samsiah (53).

"The explosion is thought to have originated from a 12-kilogram gas canister leak. But we are still searching," said Erna.

Erna revealed the explosion also resulted in damage to the two-story house of the victims.

"The barrier between the blast house and its neighbor broke down. A minibus unit with police number B-1402-KMH was damaged," she said.

Erna added at this time the police had sterilized the crime scene by installing a police line and investigating the cause of the explosion.

Meanwhile, Head of the Bekasi City Metro Police Criminal Investigation Unit Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police Jarius Saragih said that the 12-kilogram LPG canister explosion was triggered by a tube hose leak.

The leak of the gas pipe hose was discovered by officers from the Central Laboratory and Forensic of Jakarta Metro Police who were sent to conduct an investigation at the crime scene.

"From the results of the Forensic Lab investigation, it was found that there had been a leak in the hose connector between the gas cylinder and the stove," he said.

According to him, the gas leak is predicted to have lasted long enough so that the gas accumulates in the house with very little air ventilation.