Friday, 14 December 2018 | 22:27 WIB

Governor: Development in West Papua Requires Multi-Stakeholder Role

West Papua Governor, Dominggus Mandacan.

MANOKWARI, NNC - West Papua Governor, Dominggus Mandacan said, to implement development in this area requires a multi-stakeholder role.

"Many parties have interests in Papua and West Papua, the central government, investors and foreign institutions and friendly countries," said Governor Dominggus Mandacan at the International Conference on Biodiversity of Ecotourism and Creative Economy, in Manokwari, Monday (10/8/2010).

The status of conservation province has been proclaimed in West Papua three years ago.

The draft for Special Regional Regulation is currently being discussed in the House of Representatives (DPR) and he hopes the Papuan People's Assembly (MRP) approves the draft regulation that will become the legal basis for the implementation of this sustainable development.

According to him, the International Conference on Bioversity Ecotourism and Creative Economy (ICBE) is currently taking place in Manokwari, where all potential natural resources both on land and sea are available.

"The potential of our natural resources is abundant, but the community has not been able to use it optimally because of several factors, so their lives are still mediocre," said the Governor again.

According to him, the forests of West Papua and Papua contribute greatly to the global climate. In return, he also collects the contribution of the global community to the environmental services they have enjoyed.

Like other regions and countries, Dominggus wants all business sectors carried out by the people of Papua and West Papua to advance. One of the obstacles faced by society today is the problem of limited infrastructure.

"We also want road and transportation, electricity and telecommunications infrastructure to reach out to people in remote areas. Thus, they can access everything that is outside their territory," Mandacan said as quoted by Antara.