Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | 19:38 WIB

Finance Minister Asks Education Funds to Optimize HR Quality

Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani.

JAKARTA NNC - Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati invites educators and researchers to actively utilize education budget allocations to improve the quality of Indonesia's human resources (HR).

According to her, the quality of Indonesia's human resources will increase the competitiveness and export of Indonesian quality and services amid the global economic turmoil which is changing very rapidly.

However, the problem faced today is the weakness in prioritizing the use of the education budget so that the impact is not optimal in improving the quality of Indonesian human resources in the face of global competition.

"The problem in Indonesia is of course not only the money but how we are going to spend it, how to use and manage it. The state budget continues to rise. (Now the education budget) IDR400 trillion. Therefore, I want all constituents of educators and research to be more active to be able to maintain the greater budget allocation for education," the minister said in a press release received in Jakarta on Friday (9/14/2018).

From the government side, the Minister of Finance stresses that the concern for increasing Indonesia's competitiveness is very large, for example through the education budget allocation of 20 percent from the state budget. Because, she said, it to create competitiveness, the most important thing is human quality.

"Within 20 percent of our budget is for education, five percent for health. About 10 percent for safety net. If today is life science and this is the aim to build Indonesia's comparative advantage then we need to define where our priorities and strength are and what should we do about it," concluded the Minister.