Friday, 14 December 2018 | 21:12 WIB

Treason Allegation, Mardani Ali Sera and Ismail Yusanto Reported to Bareskrim

Chairman of PKS DPP Mardani Ali Sera

JAKARTA, NNC - Spokesperson for Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) Ismail Yusanto and Chairman of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Central Executive Board (DPP) Mardani Ali Sera were reported to police by the Legal Aid Institute (LBH) of the Civil Society Alliance for Great Indonesia (Almisbat) on treason allegation with reporting No: LP/B/1113/IX/2018/Bareskrim.

Almisbat's Legal Counsel Sanggam Indra said his party had brought strong evidence of alleged treason by Mardani Ali Sera and Ismail Yusanto in the form of a nine-second video which went viral on social media. According to Sanggam, the nine-second video contained the statements of Mardani Ali Sera and Ismail Yusanto regarding 2019ChangePresident and replacing system alleged as treason.

"We have submitted the evidence to the Bareskrim [Criminal Investigation Agency] for further action. This clearly leads to treason," he said in Jakarta on Wednesday (9/12/2018).

He explained that his party did not only report the alleged crime to the National Police Criminal Investigation Agency, but also reported it to the Election Organizer Honorary Council (DKPP).

According to him, Ismail Yusanto and Mardani Ali Sera will be charged under Article 107 of the Criminal Code on Treason with the threat of imprisonment of up to 15 years in prison.

"It is as if they are to replace Pancasila. The Pancasila must be maintained until forever," he said.

Meanwhile, HTI spokesman Ismail Yusanto denied that he planned to overthrow the Jokowi-JK government through the 2019ChangePresident action and replace the system. According to him, changing the system has often been done, such as changing the systems from presidential election to the regional head.

"If the system is bad, why it can't it be replaced. Which part is the treason. [As for] changing the system, it has been frequently done, the systems change. We will see the situation if [we are to be] called for questioning later," he said.