Friday, 16 November 2018 | 02:14 WIB

Local Developers Introduce Cloud Gaming Platform ’Skyegrid’

Skyegrid, a locally-made gaming cloud platform

JAKARTA, NNC - Communications and Informations Minister Rudiantara admire the emergence of a locally-made gaming cloud platform, Skyegrid, which was recently launched.

"This is an opportunity on how we develop a digital economy," Rudiantara said during the Skyegrid launch in Jakarta on Thursday night, Aug 9.

Rudiantara says the digital economy is not only a matter of electronic commerce or known as e-commerce, but also included as other economic activities that uses a platform in networking.

He is optimistic that games in Indonesia, especially those made by local developers, will grow in the future. Skyegrid is an Indonesian-made cloud computing-based game playing platform, created to overcome playing pirated games. The games can be played without the need of a high-spec device.

Skyegrid offers a IDR179,000 subscription package for 30 days. so users can play games provided on the platform currently totaling 60 games.

TIK Infrastructure Director M. Neil El Himam believes that such a gaming cloud platform plays a role in encouraging players to access games made by local developers. "We can increase the market share of games made by local developers," Neil said

Skyegrid is compatible with Android, Windows and MacOS devices. It is updrading so that the platform can also be accessed via Xbox One.