Friday, 14 December 2018 | 22:34 WIB

Banyuwangi Airport Set to Become Low Cost Carrier Airport

Banyuwangi Airport transformed to become a Low Cost Carrier Airport

BANYUWANGI, NNC - Looking at the potential of Banyuwangi District, AP II is currently developing Banyuwangi Airport. In accordance with the referrals of the SOE Minister, Banyuwangi Airport, Bali, and Lombok (BBL) will be the  "Tourism Triangle" to synergize tourism in the three regions. In order to support the program, Banyuwangi Airport will be developed to become a Low Cost Carrier Airport (LCCA).

"In line with the Tourism Ministry's target reaching 20 million foreign tourists by 2020, the concept of LCCA / LCCT becomes an option to encourage foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia."

"With the growth of Low Cost Carrier passengers that is up by 55% per year, which is much higher than the Full Service Carriers (FSC) which is just about 7%, the development of LCCA and the concept of Tourism Airport suggested by Banyuwangi Airport could accelerate the development of tourism in East Java", AP II CEO Muhammad Awaluddin said in a press release on Monday, July 23.

Banyuwangi Airport's development plan to support the LCCA program, including to improve airport facilities and services. The constructions that are currently being done at Banyuwangi Airport includes:

1. Overlay Runway from the previously PCN 27 to PCN 56 inorder to accommodate Boeing 737-8 NG, 737-9 ER and Airbus 320;

2. Extension of aircraft parking (APRON) from the previous capacity of 3 aircraft _Narrow Body_ (Area 16,200m2) to 9 aircraft _Narrow Body_ (Area 34,000m2);

3. Extension and Widening of Platform from the previous 2250x30m2 to 2500x45m2;

4. Expansion of vehicle parking area from 2000m2 (80 Vehicles) to 5000m2 (260 Vehicles);

Expansion of Passenger Terminal from 7000m2 (700,000pax / year) to 20.000m2 (2jt pax / year)

For those five activities, AP II has prepared a total investment of no less than IDR 300 billion. The development of Banyuwangi Airport is also AP II's program to support the IMF - World Bank Annual Meeting event to be held in Nusa Dua Bali in October 2018.

Banyuwangi Airport is planned to be proposed to become an international Airport following requests from a number of airlines to open international routes from and to Malaysia and Australia.

The Tourism Triangle later plans to involve 3 airports, including Banyuwangi, Denpasar and Lombok. Banyuwangi and Lombok Airport will transform to LCCA while Bali Airport will remain as a full service airport.