Sunday, 23 September 2018 | 17:23 WIB

Universitas Paramadina Performs Media Visit to NetralNews Office

Managements of NNC, Universitas Paramadina and BKJI were taking pictures together.

JAKARTA, NNC - Universitas Paramadina conducted a media visit to NetralNews.Com (NNC) office on Wednesday (7/11/2018). The visit of Universitas Paramadina was led by the Rector of Universitas Paramadina, Firmanzah, accompanied with Dean of Psychological and Philosophy Faculty of Universitas Paramadina Tia Rahmania and Marketing and Public Communication Manager of Universitas Paramadina Lina Anggraeni.

Also attending in the group visit to the media by Universitas Paramadina were Chairman of the Indonesian Mental Health Agency (BKJI) Sugiharto P and Secretary General of BKJI Rusdy Syarief.

Rector and Dean of Universitas Paramadina as well as management of BKJI were directly welcomed by President Director of NNC Ricky Sutanto, President Commissioner of NNC Harry Teo, Commissioner of NNC Lucas Sanjaya, General Manager of NNC Alvin Bakri, and Acting Chief Editor of NNC Yohanes Crisostomas Kurniantoro.

Universitas Paramadina's media visit to NNC office started with the introduction of both parties and then followed by a brief presentation on the importance of concern on the mental health of all parties by the Rector of Universitas Paramadina Firmanzah and Chairman of Indonesian Mental Health Agency (BKJI) Sugiharto P.

President Director of NNC Ricky Sutanto said NNC welcomed the arrival of Universitas Paramadina and BKJI to NNC. Not only is it important to establish good relationships among the three entities, but also to enhance cross-entity synergies to provide solutions to community problems.