Monday, 18 February 2019 | 21:16 WIB

At World Cities Summit, Sandiaga Discusses Arrangement of Ciliwung River with Singapore

Vice Governor of Jakarta Sandiaga Uno.

JAKARTA, NNC - Arrangement of Ciliwung River became the focus of the discussion of Jakarta Vice Governor Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno while attending the World Cities Summit in Singapore held on July 9-10, yesterday.

The arrangement of the Ciliwung River was delivered by Sandi on the second day of his visit in Singapore. During the meeting, eight meetings were held. He met and discussed with Singapore's National Development Minister Desmond Lee on Tuesday (7/10/2018).

During the meeting, Sandi discussed the impact of the structuring model along the Ciliwung River that could create 1,200 green jobs.

"I want to build new cooperation with various parties to seek job creation," said Sandiaga in a written statement on Wednesday (7/11).

"The arrangement model along the Ciliwung River will be able to generate 1,200 green jobs," he continued.

During the meeting, both discussed new approaches to solve the Cilliwung River problem, focusing on rehabilitation of riverbanks and maximizing the potential benefits of communities around the Ciliwung River.

This new approach, which of course has considered ecological and cultural aspects in the surrounding environment, is believed to be a model to be applied to other river management challenges that have relatively similar demographic and social characteristics, he said.

At the last meeting in Singapore, Sandiaga also received a thorough explanation of Ciliwung's potential power and resources from research conducted by Future Cities Laboratory Singapore.

Future Cities Laboratory is a research institute in Singapore formed on the cooperation of ETH Zurich and the National Research Foundation.

As reported, Sandiaga attended the World Cities Summit for two days (July 9-10). The World Cities Summit is a biennial meeting for city stakeholders, experts and industry players to tackle challenges and find solutions to problems in urban areas.