Thursday, 24 January 2019 | 13:22 WIB

Budget for Handling Victims of Surabaya Bombing Amounts to IDR9 Billion

Member of Budget Agency of Surabaya City Parliament Reni Astuti

SURABAYA, NNC - Budget Agency of Surabaya City Parliament suggested that city government to use unexpected budget in Surabaya Regional Budget of about IDR9 billion for the handling of bomb terror victims that happened in recent days.

"The budget can be used according to the real needs," said a member of Budget Agency of Surabaya City Parliament Reni Astuti in Surabaya, Wednesday (5/16/2010).

According to her, the budgeting has also been regulated in the Minister of Home Affairs Regulation (Permendagri) No. 33 of 2017 on Guidelines for the Preparation of Regional Budget for Budget Year 2018.

To that end, she supports and appreciates the Surabaya City Government policy that helps the handling of victims and covers all funding for the handling of explosion victims treated in all hospitals.

"In this case the City Government of Surabaya can use the unexpected budget," she said.

Reni said the city government could coordinate all hospitals to provide the best service to the victims of the bomb blast, as quoted from Antara.