Wednesday, 24 October 2018 | 03:01 WIB

Observer: Social Media Has Role in Radicalization

Observer from Universitas Indonesia (UI) Solahudin.

JAKARTA, NNC - Terrorism observer from Universitas Indonesia (UI) Solahudin said social media has a role in radicalization. Solahudin exemplifies the case of the Surabaya bombing, where terrorists can learn to assembly bombs through social media.

Solahudin explained now there have been many studies on online extremism in Indonesia. This group of extremism then maximizes the social media to carry out its mission.

"In the case of the Mako [Headquarters of] Brimob [Mobile Brigade Corps] bombing, there was a live broadcast on Instagram and the official media of ISIS issuing the video about the riots. Sometimes people confuse relation between social media and extremism, whereas social media has a radicalization role," Solahudin said in the West Independence Forum (FMB) at the Office of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, Wednesday (5/16/2018).

Solahudin further explained that ISIS group in Indonesia has made many Telegram channels. He noted there are 60 Telegram channels in Indonesian language and 30 private Telegram channels which are made by the ISIS group in Indonesia.

"When checked how many news and messages, it turns out that one channel has 80 to 150 violent messages being distributed. If there is an average of 100 messages per day in 24 hours, there are thousands of violent messages being distributed," explained Solahudin.

According to Solahudin, in the presence of violent exposure, the process of radicalization is now happening more quickly and resulted in people rapidly becoming radical. Based on the results of research that he did, the terrorists now only take zero to one year counted from exposure to radical understanding until performing acts of terror.

As reported, a number of locations in East Java were rocked by bomb blasts. On Sunday (5/13) morning, suicide bombings took place in the Church of Santa Maria (Jalan Ngagel), Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) of Diponegoro, and Surabaya Central Pentecostal Church (GPPS) of Sawahan on Jalan Arjuno, Surabaya. In the evening, on the same day, a bomb explosion also occurred in Wonocolo Flat, Taman, Sidoarjo.

On Monday (5/14) morning, there was another explosion at Surabaya City Police HQ. Two motorcycles carrying five people in a family were blown up in Surabaya Police HQ's yard.

Today, Wednesday (5/16), terrorist attacks again occurred in Riau Police Headquarters and claimed one police officer.