Thursday, 24 January 2019 | 17:48 WIB

Bomb Squad Detonates Bomb Found in A Terrorist’s House in Manukan Wetan, Surabaya

Illustration: Special Detachment (Densus) 88 Counterterrorism unit.

SURABAYA, NNC -- Bomb Squad of East Java Regional Police Mobile Brigade Corp (Brimob) detonated a bomb found in a house of suspected terrorist on Jalan Sikatan IV, Manukan Wetan, Tandes, Surabaya, on Tuesday (5/15/2018) night.

The bomb was detonated in a special car owned by East Java Police Brimob Unit which was brought into a narrow alley at Jalan Sikatan IV Surabaya. The explosion sounded up to a radius of about 500 meters, at around 8:45 pm.

In previous evening, at around 5 pm, the police team shot dead an alleged terrorist named Dedi Sulistiantono alias Teguh, age 41, who rented a room at Jalan Sikatan IV Surabaya.

The head of RT 6/RW 2, Manukan Wetan Village, Tandes, Surabaya, Ramin described police found some explosives inside Teguh's house. It is the explosives which have just been detonated by the Bomb Squad of East Java Police Brimob Unit.

Head of Public Relations Division of East Java Regional Police Senior Commissioner Frans Barung Mangera said Teguh alias Dedi was shot for trying to fight when about to be arrested.

The alleged terrorist who was shot dead has a wife named Suyanti, aged 34, and three children who are all still young, who have now been secured by police, as reported by Antara.