Friday, 17 Augst 2018 | 03:00 WIB

Regarding Data Theft, Polri Say It is Not First Time Facebook Misbehaves


JAKARTA, NNC - Concerning leakage of Facebook users’ data, National Police (Polri) directly follow up the case. Polri said this is not the first time Facebook 'misbehaves'. Previously, there was a riot between Muslims and Hindus in Sri Lanka.

It was said by the Head of Public Information Bureau of Polri Public Relations Division Brigadier General of Police M. Iqbal.

"This is not the first time Facebook has caused a commotion. Earlier, the case of Rohingya in Myanmar was also justified by Facebook. Then, commotion between Muslims and Hindus in Sri Lanka got worsened following the news on Facebook," said Iqbal at the Polri Headquarters on Monday (4/16/2018).

Regarding leakage of Facebook user data, he appealed to Facebook users who feel a victim of data leakage to file a police report. The police need a story of the victim's experience to be testimony.

"Until now, police investigators have not taken any information from users who feel the data is being misused. So, Polri appealed to the public to immediately report to the Directorate of Cyber Crime of Criminal Investigation Agency [Bareskrim] of Polri," he said.

Therefore, Iqbal affirmed the commitment of the Police and the Ministry of Communications and Informatics to handle the problem of data leakage of Facebook users from Indonesia. 

"Polri and Communications Ministry agreed to work together to take the matter seriously. Meanwhile, concerning whether there is alleged criminal act it is highly determined based on the facts and evidence found in the field," said Iqbal.