Friday, 17 Augst 2018 | 03:00 WIB

Ministry of Education Proposed UNESCO to Name Jakarta Old Town as World Heritage Site

Jakarta Old Town

JAKARTA, NNC - Director of Heritage and Cultural Diplomacy of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Nadjamuddin Ramly said this year he proposed two world heritage sites to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

The two heritage sites are Jakarta Old Town and Coal mining system with railway transportation in Sawahlunto.

This statement was delivered by Nadjamuddin ahead of World Heritage Day which is commemorated every April 18. One of the aims of World Heritage Day is to encourage humanity throughout the world, both community groups and individuals to recognize the importance of cultural heritage in life, identity and community. 

"For this year, we propose two world heritages to UNESCO, one of which is Jakarta Old Town and four islands surrounding it, namely Onrust, Kelor, Cipir and Bidadari," Nadjamuddin said at the Office of the Ministry of Education and Culture on Monday (4/16/2018).

Furthermore Nadjamuddin said, World Heritage Day celebration is an important momentum in showing and bequeath the nation's heritage to future generations. The reason, millenial generation will not have the pride of the past if inheritance is not maintained and protected.

For information, on April 18, 1982, at a symposium in Tunisia, the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) launched the International Day for Monuments and Sites. This idea was then approved by the Executive Committee and UNESCO.

"So at the 22nd UNESCO General Conference in November 1983, it was recommended to the member countries to celebrate the moment, then April 18th was known as World Heritage Day which has been ratified by 167 countries including Indonesia," explained Nadjamuddin.