Thursday, 21 March 2019 | 20:30 WIB

Breaking Cell Room, 16 Prisoners Desperately Escape from Detention House

Illustration: Fleeing prisoner.

MEDAN, NNC - After breaking the cell room measuring seven square meters, 16 prisoners desperately escaped from the Labuhan Bilik Detention House, Panai Tengah Sub-district, Labuhanbatu District, North Sumatra, Friday (4/13/2018).

In addition, the prisoners also bent the iron bars and jumped the fence of the detention house using the woods in the location.

In fact, the prisoners fled when it rained quite heavily, so that eight guard officers of Labuhanbilik Detention House were forced to take shelter.

"But after the rain stopped, the duty officers again patrolled around the cell room, and found out 16 prisoners have disappeared," said Head of Penitentiary Division of Ministry of Law and Human Rights Office of North Sumatra, Hermawan Yunianto, in Medan, Sunday (4/15).

As quoted by Antara, the problem of fleeing prisoners is being handled by Labuhan Bilik Detention House in cooperation with Panai Tengah Sector Police and Labuhanbatu Resort Police.

The fleeing prisoners are expected to immediately surrender themselves to the Labuhan Bilik Detention House.

"The officers of detention house in cooperation with Labuhanbatu Resort Police are still searching for the escaped prisoners," said Hermawan.

Meanwhile, Labuhanbatu Resort Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police Frido Situmorang in Rantauprapat, when contacted said it was still identifying rooms and building of detention house.

The escaped prisoners are still under the judicial process in cases of drugs and violent theft.

Frido called for escaped prisoners to cooperate by surrendering to the resort police and sector police to facilitate the search.

"However, if not returned within 72 hours, then Police will take firm action," said Labuhanbatu Police chief.