Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | 20:12 WIB

Police Still Hunt Three Hackers That Blackmailed Their Victims

Arrest of hacker group from Surabaya. Police are still hunting three other perpetrators of the group.

JAKARTA, NNC - Although the police managed to arrest three hackers from Surabaya, East Java who committed blackmailing, including KPS (21), ATP (21), and NA (21), until now the police are also still hunting three other perpetrators who belong to the hacker group.

"They are the core members of the Surabaya Black Hat (SBH) hacker group that remain active as a student at one of the universities in Surabaya, East Java," said Head of Police Public Relations Section of Jakarta Metro Police Senior Commissioner of Police Argo Yuwono at Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters, Tuesday (3/13/2018).

According to Argo, the perpetrators are not just hacking personal websites, but also penetrated the IT system of state institutions. The perpetrators not only are breaking into the IT system in Indonesia, but also abroad.

"There is, in abroad also exists, but we cannot mention, right. From small to large companies exist," he said.

As for the mode, continued Argo, after successfully hacked the victims, the perpetrators are sending an email, evidence that they have managed to hack the system. After sending evidence of hacked system, these actors promise to tell about the victim's system weaknesses.

However, before giving leaked information about the weakness of the victim's system, the perpetrators ask for some money, if money is not given, the perpetrators threaten to damage the victim's system.

Money requested by the perpetrators is between IDR15 and IDR25 million per one website. "Payment of ransom money is done through Paypal and Bitcoin accounts. They send an email to request ransom, asking money of IDR20 million, IDR25 million, IDR15 million to be sent via Paypal. If refused to pay the system is destroyed," said Argo.

The three arrested suspects are subject to Article 29 paragraph 2 in conjunction with Article 45 B, Article 30 in conjunction with Article 46, Article 32 in conjunction with Article 48 of Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 19 Year 2016 on Electronic Information and Transactions (ITE), with the threat of sentence of 12 years in prison.

For information, the arrest of the three perpetrators was based on information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), because the perpetrators had hacked the website in the United States.

"It's from the FBI, we have a partnership with the FBI from IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center). So in America there is data, that there is hacking of electronic systems conducted by a group of children in Indonesia," said Argo.