Thursday, 24 January 2019 | 18:42 WIB

BPOM Releases a Rebuttal Statement on 10 Medication That Should Not Be Consumed

Hoax, BPOM keluarkan SK penarikan 10 item obat yang tak boleh dikonsumsi.

JAKARTA, NNC – The Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) provides a rebuttal on the circulation of messages on social media regarding a Decree of BPOM on the withdrawal of 10 drugs that should not be consumed.

The 10 medications are, among others, Paramex, INZA and INZANA as Production of PT Konimex, CONTREX & CONTREXIN, HEMAVITON ENERGY DRINK, HEMAVITON ACTION, BODREX & BODREXIN as Production of PT Tempo Scan Pacific, NATURE, SUPER TETRA and STOP COLD by PT WIGO HOSLAB.

Reported from the Twitter account of BPOM @BPOM_RI, Tuesday (3/13/2018), the information turned out to be hoax.

The message is released by BPOM as a rebuttal against the hoax.