Friday, 14 December 2018 | 16:31 WIB

Terra, Aqua Satellites Discover Two Hotspots in Aceh


BANDA ACEH, NNC -  Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Blangbintang revealed there are two hot spots detected by satellites in the region of Aceh.

"Early this morning, the satellites found two hot spots in Aceh," said Head of Data and Information Section BMKG Blangbintang, Zakaria in Aceh Besar, Monday (3/12/2018).

Results of the monitoring using Terra and Aqua satellites found the hot spots in  highland areas which are areas of the best producer sof coffee plants in the world, especially robusta and arabica from the northernmost province in Sumatera in Central Aceh Regency.

"Satellites monitor these two hot spots, in one district of Atu Lintang with a confidence level of 80 percent," he explained.

He explained that the percentage of these two hot spots indicated that they should be considered as forest and land fires.

"We know that Aceh is now in transition to the dry season, so we urge not to open land by fire," Zakaria asserted.

Notes from the Indonesian Forum for Environment (Walhi) stated that incidents of forest and land fires in Aceh have occured over and over in the past decade.

"The fire started in 2007. But only a few cases made it to court," said Executive Director of Walhi Aceh, Muhammad Nur.