Friday, 14 December 2018 | 17:34 WIB

The Indonesian Marine Swimming Competition 

Marine Corps to hold a rowing competition to cross the Sunda Strait.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian Marine Corps will hold a swimming competition, about 39 kilometers across the Sunda strait and followed by 300 swimmers. The event will be started on fryiday night (2/3/2018) at 21.00, from the Port Docks of PT. Bandar Bakau Jaya, Bakauheni Lampung, Sumatera Island, and it will be finished on Saturday (3/3/2018) around 09:00 until 11:00 pm at the Tj. Sekong Beach, PT. Jumbo Power Int. Merak, Banten, Java Island.

The Indonesian Marine Corps Commander, Major General Bambang Suswantono, SH, MH, M.Tr (Han)., in a press conference on Wednesday (7/2/2018), said that, the "crazy action" of the Indonesian Marine and other TNI swimmers is the main event of Sunda Strait Swimming Competition 2018 in order to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the Indonesian Marine Corps. In addition, Indonesian Marine Corps will also hold a rowing competition to cross the Sunda Strait with the same distance and followed by 576 rowers (72 teams) as representatives of all units of the Indonesian Marine Corps.

To maintain the safety of the participants, considering the level of difficulty and challenges of the competition is a quite tough, such as the erratic weather and waves of the Sunda Strait at night, the committee will provide helicopters, warships, and dozens of inflatable boats and Sea Riders in order to monitor the participants along the track from start to finish line.

These two events are recorded as the furthest distance competition in Indonesia and have been conducted by the Marine Corps since 1991. This year will be the 9th race event.

In the previous competition, there were several interesting incidents. In the 2nd competition (1992), two Marines were lost due to the strong waves and currents caused them to separate from their group. Two days later, the swimmers were found stranded on Sangeang Island and rescued by Japanese tourists while conducting research on the island. Then, in the 7th competition (2007), a swimmer, the 2nd Pvt Dedi (member of the 6th Marine Infantry Battalion) who was almost lost because of the sea whirlpool, outside the SAR team's observation, but then he managed to touch the finish line at 24:05 pm, after swimming for 22 hours 5 minutes.

The fastest time for the Swimming Competition is 9 hours 47 minutes 05 seconds, achieved by CPvt Tayuri in 1996. While for the rowing competition is 3 hours 36 minutes 07 seconds, achieved by the 6th Indonesian Marine Infantry Battalion rowing team in the same year.