Wednesday, 24 October 2018 | 06:31 WIB

Suspected of Depression, Prisoner of Salemba Detention Center Committed Suicide

Illustration: Rope for hanging.

JAKARTA, NNC - A prisoner of Narcotics Case at State Class I Detention House of Salemba, Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta, named Riski Permana (27) was found dead in the bathroom of Block N. The victim allegedly died due to suicide, because he was found hung by neck with a sarong.

Head of State Class I Detention House of Salemba, Masjuno, when ask for confirmation justified this.

"[He was found] last night before isha [night-time prayer]," said Masjuno in Jakarta, Tuesday (2/13/2018).

Allegedly the concerned committed the suicide by hanging himself. This conclusion was obtained after several police checks.

When the other prisoners wanted to go to the bathroom, he did not come out. They were suspicious there was something going on inside, eventually after reporting to the warden, they found Riski was lifeless in the bathroom hanging by his neck.

Riski has not been convicted by court of the case that ensnared him. From the testimony of several witnesses who are prisoners there, allegedly Riski desperately killed himself because of depression.

However, continued Masjuno, it still needs to be proven further. Now, the case has been handled by Cempaka Putih Sector Police.

"That's what we're trying to find out, because the person is dead, so we just confirm it to friends [reporters]. It seems like a personal matter, because his family rarely visits, it is information from his friends," he added.