Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | 20:10 WIB

Communications Ministry Blocks 73 Applications with LGBT Contents

Minister of Communications and Informatics Rudiantara.

JAKARTA, NNC - The Ministry of Communications and Informatics (Kemkominfo) sent a request to Google to terminate 73 LGBT-loaded applications and block 15 domain name server (DNS) from 15 LGBT apps in the Google Play Store.

"Monday (1/15/2018) more than 70 applications we have asked Google to block. There are applications that continuously move and have been using [different] DNS more than six times," said Minister of Communications and Informatics Rudiantara in Communications Ministry Building, Jakarta, Thursday (1/18).

One LGBT content application, Rudiantara said, has been blocked in 2016, then switched DNS and has been blocked again by the Ministry.

Once blocked, the app switches DNS again in 2018 so the Communications Ministry asks Google to terminate it again.

Rudiantara said the ministry will continue to monitor negative content applications on the Internet, including activities that violate the norms of decency.

"We have to keep track of it. When it appear, we block, it appear we block again. [We] never stop fighting those," he said, as quoted from Antara.

During January 2018, from search results and public complaints, a total of 169 sites with LGBT contents have been blocked.

In addition, there are 72,407 pornographic immoral contents that have been handled in January 2018.

Ministry of Communications and Informatics urged people not to use applications that are not in accordance with socio-cultural norms of society in Indonesia.

Global and national content providers are also encouraged to be active in ensuring the availability of positive content and reducing the amount of negative content.