Friday, 14 December 2018 | 21:17 WIB

Post MK Ruling, Here is Prediction of Fadli Zon on Presidential Candidates for 2019 Election

Deputy Chairman of Gerindra Party Fadli Zon.

JAKARTA, NNC - Gerindra Party Deputy Chairman Fadli Zon said the ruling by Constitutional Court (MK) on judicial review of Article 222 of the Election Law signals there will be only two prospective couples who run in the 2019 Presidential Election. Because, the presidential threshold of 20 percent of parliament seats or 25 percent of the national legitimate votes in the 2014 General Election will be used again in the 2019 Presidential Election implementation.

Nevertheless he asserted Presidential Threshold will not complicate the Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto's step into upcoming 2019 presidency.

"I do not think so, but the level of politics is very dynamic. Just look at the Pilkada [Regional Head Election], in the end [ahead of registration in the regional election commission] it could change let alone in the Presidential Election. It depends on several factors," said Fadli Zon, Friday (1/12/2018)

It's just Fadli said this decision gives restrictions on the right of every citizen to be elected and voted for.

"So to be elected it should be zero percent, what should become a restriction is the political parties. For political parties to sit down and get threshold alone is difficult," said Fadli Zon.

He saw in the future there will be fewer candidate pairs of president and vice president built with existing coalitions.

"At least at maximum three [people] I think, but I guess it shrinks to two candidates," said deputy speaker of the House.