Sunday, 18 November 2018 | 07:38 WIB

Making Handicraft, Evacuees of Mount Agung Complaint High Price of Raw Materials

Evacuees of Mount Agung created handicraft to fill their time in shelters.

KARANGASEM, NNC - During the day in a banjar that feels hot, a mother diligently weaves with natural ingredients. The mother named Manik is finishing a tissue box that blends the natural ingredients she calls "ate" and "di". Materials that look like fibers of different thickness are made within 3 - 4 days to become tissue boxes.

That's the activity that Manik and some other mothers to fill the boredom in the banjar which also becomes as shelter post. The resulting tissue box costs IDR70,000 to IDR75,000 and is usually sold to collectors around the area. Although the current local economic condition is weakening, the price of the box does not decrease in price.

But Manik shares anxiety as the price of natural raw materials has risen in price. She says the price of ate is at least IDR25,000 and di is priced at IDR40,000. Formerly the price of these two raw materials is cheaper. She also continues to pursue this craft so as not to get bored during the evacuation.

"The materials are now expensive, maybe they know we are evacuating and have no jobs. A lot of sleep is also boring," Manik said in a written statement that NNC received on Wednesday (12/6/2017).

In addition to making a tissue box, Manik and some other moms create another craft form, tokasi. They have the skills of weaving for generations. Previously Manik learnt by herself from mothers in her village.

When asked whether Manik is interested in another craft form that has more selling points, she said she wants to try. But there is not yet an organization that offers it to her and the mothers at the shelter.

When found in the banjar, her husband was working outside. Her husband has skill in making wood carving. Manik was finishing the tissue box while waiting for his elderly mother.