Wednesday, 24 October 2018 | 05:30 WIB

Here is the Chronology of Setya Novanto Car Accident, According to Lawyer

Viral photo suspected of Novanto being treated in a hospital.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Speaker of the House of Representatives Setya Novanto suffered a traffic accident while heading to the office of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

Setya Novanto was rushed to Medika Permata Hijau Hospital after having an accident as the car he was riding hit a wall and power pole, Thursday (11/16/2017) night.

Attorney of Setya Novanto, Fredrich Yunadi, said the chronology of the accident experienced by Setya Novanto.

"So, like this. He was on live by phone with Metro TV. He himself promised to come to the Metro studio and come to the DPD [Regional Executive Board] event [at Mandarin Hotel]," said Fredrich.

"He asked me to accompany him to the KPK. He asked me to accompany him to Metro TV. But he had an accident, his car was destroyed. He instantly passed out, at about 7 pm," said Frederich.

Fredrich admitted that his client Setya Novanto was in a hurry because of chasing time to give information to the KPK on the alleged case of e-ID card corruption that ensnares him.

"He hurried to chase the time as soon as possible to the KPK to give information what they asked. But the aide called me to accompany to the KPK. [They] have just been on the way to the Metro he said".

"Suddenly, the Mister [Setya Novanto] got into car accident, the glass [window] is destroyed hitting the wall. He was pale, got bumps here [forehead] all injured. His aide also got wounded," he said.

Fredrich said that Setya Novanto has not awakened and is still handled by the hospital.