Sunday, 23 September 2018 | 17:10 WIB

Students from Universitas Jember Create a Device to Detect Chicken Egg Feasibility

Students from Universitas Jember Create a Device to Detect Chicken Egg Feasibility

JEMBER, NNC - Students of the Faculty of Engineering at Universitas Jember, East Java, have created an egg feasibility detector to aid chicken breeders in checking the condition of eggs that will be sold to markets.

The three student creators of egg feasibility detection tool are M. Arif Baihaqi, Muh. Fazauddiyak, and Malikul Fanani. They named the tool as EGGSOS, which has the accuracy of detecting the feasibility of eggs up to 85 percent, as well as ease of use.

"We observed that during this time hen breeders have difficulty in determining which eggs are feasible and which are not, so we make an egg feasibility detector tool," said Malikul Fana, as quoted by Antara.

He said eating unhealthy eggs has the potential to cause diseases such as upper abdominal pain, high fever, headache, diarrhea, and even vomiting.

"We consulted with a supervisor to find solutions to the problem and within a period of approximately two months, we were able to create an egg feasibility detection tool," said Malikul.

Muh. Fazauddiyak explained how to use the detector tool. The egg to be detected is put in the EGGSOS tool, then the egg quality feasibility parameters will automatically appear on the screen.

"The feasibility parameters include egg weight, yolk viscosity, and shell color, and these three parameters refer to Indonesian national standards of livestock sector issued by the government," said the student of the class of 2015.

Meanwhile, Arif Baihaqi added the work system of the egg feasibility detector tool is equipped with the density detection and the quality of egg yolk in the form of light dependent resistor (LDR) sensor that serves as a light sensor and photodiode that can convert light into electric current.

"The results are then displayed on a monitor that is available, so its use is very easy, and more importantly will not damage the eggshell itself," he said.

The EGGSOS made by three students from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Jember received appreciation by winning the third prize in the Scientific Great Moment competition held by Faculty of Agricultural Technology at Universitas Brawijaya Malang.

The three judges in the scientific writing contest gave praise to the title and the tool was created by three students of the Faculty of Engineering at Universitas Jember. One of the juries intend to buy their tool.

"The jury also hopes that the tools we create can be developed and marketed more widely because it can be used by large and small scale farmers, even for household needs, so as to contribute to the advancement of Indonesian livestock," he said.

The title of the students' writing of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Jember "EGGSOS: Innovation of Detector of Feasibility of Arduino Based Chicken Egg Using Fuzzy Logic in Jember District".